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Early Pregnancy Signs

>> Thursday, December 29, 2011

Many women know when they get pregnant and see the early signs of pregnancy to see if indeed they are pregnant. What are some early signs of pregnancy that usually occur before week 5 of pregnancy?

Tenderness in the Breast

Early signs of pregnancy is a very tender breasts and bloating feeling, a sense of tingling, tenderness and swelling in breast.Areola (area around the nipple) and darker colored small glands around the nipples becomes prominent. As the symptoms of pregnancy are very similar to the signs of the body just before period coming months, it can be very confusing. Many women also start to urinate more often a week or so after conception, morning sickness can hariatau any time throughout the day. Woman's body temperature will also rise slightly about a week after the pregnancy. This early pregnancy symptom occurs due to ovulation. Increased body temperature may stay until the next period is usually expected.


Pink or brown spotting similar like at the beginning of the menstrual period is between early signs of pregnancy, a line from the center into a vital tool of darker color, the color changes in vaginal and cervical tissue (cervical). Discharge is a symptom of pregnancy is important because it is not as heavy as normal menstrual bleeding. At this point it is important that pregnancy can be confirmed through a pregnancy test. If there is excessive bleeding while the test showed positive results so pregnant women should consult directly with her OBGYN. This is an early sign of pregnancy is often the case in the embryo attaching itself to the wrong part of the uterus.

Fatigue and Restlessness

Pregnant women often experience extreme fatigue and nervous at the very beginning of their pregnancy. This is another symptom of pregnancy that can be very confusing. This is much like other forms of body experience as an example of fatigue due to stress and physical exhaustion. The cramping of the uterus, due to heavy exercising or when experiencing an orgasm, it can be recognized as an early sign of pregnancy too.

How do women know for sure that she was pregnant in the first month?

There is no 100% sure way of knowing that a woman is pregnant in the first month after the pregnancy. Most of the early signs of pregnancy can be easily mislead. Pregnancy tests and exams by OBGYN is the only way one can know for sure

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