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Cervix The Weak

>> Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cervix The Weak pic

"I had a miscarriage in the fifth month of my first pregnancy. Doctors say that it is caused due to a weak cervix. I just got a positive result from a home pregnancy test and I am afraid that I will experience the same thing "Since you've been diagnosed that your cervix is ​​weak, then your doctor will now be able to take preventive measures so that your content does not fall anymore. A weak cervix, the opening yaiut too early because of pressure from the uterus and developing fetus, estimated to occur in one or two days out of every 100 pregnancies, and is considered responsible for 20% to 25% in the second trimester miscarriage. A weak cervix can be caused by factors derived weakness; the mother is never exposed to DES (Diethylstilbestrol), when he was still inside the mother's womb; excessive stretching or severe frictional injury to the cervix on one or more previous births; surgery or laser therapy on cervix; labor and Caesar are traumatic or abortion (trutama done before 1973). Containing more than one fetus, can also lead to cervical weakness, in this case the problem usually does not arise again in a single fetus pregnancies.Cervical weakness is usually diagnosed when a pregnant women second trimester miscarriage after suffering a progressive depletion but no pain and without cervical dilation or opening of a clear uterine contractions or vaginal bleeding. Ideally, the doctors can find problems before they occur miscarriage, so can taken steps to save the pregnancy. Experiments conducted on these days to diagnose the presence of an early opening of the cervix with ultrasonography seems to be quite promising.If you miss a previous pregnancy due to a weak cervix, you should immediately inform your doctor, if he had not noticed. May be able to do any sewing at the mouth of the cervix early second trimester (weeks 12 to 16) to prevent recurrence of such tragedies before. This simple procedure can be performed in a hospital after a positive ultrasound declare a pregnancy. After surgery and 12 hours of rest in bed, patients are usually allowed to get up and since e bathrooms, and 12 hours later able to undergo normal activities. Sexual intercourse should not be done during this pregnancy and need frequent and regular examination of the doctor. Sometimes, suturing can be replaced by complete bed rest and use specially designed tools to support the uterus in that a pessary. This treatment can also be given when an ultrasound examination or vaginal examination showed the cervical opening, although there is no history of previous miscarriages.Whether and when the stitches will be taken, will depend on the choice of doctors and the type of stitching. Usually the stitches are removed a few weeks before the expected date of delivery; in some cases, these sutures should not be released until labor starts, unless there is infection, bleeding, or premature rupture of the membranes.Regardless of the type of care you take Cervix The Weak, you still have a good chance to finish your pregnancy. But you must always be vigilant for signs of problems in the second trimester or early third trimester, sperti: pressure on the lower abdomen, expenditures from the vagina with or without blood, frequency of urination is not normal, or feels like a lump in the vagina . If you are experiencing these things, get to the doctor or hospital emergency room.

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