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Signs of Pregnancy

>> Friday, October 14, 2011

Often there are many questions
"I just had some of the signs of pregnancy - is there a chance I'm pregnant?"

You may experience all the signs and symptoms of early pregnancy, but not pregnant. Or you are just experiencing some of the signs and symptoms, but you are really pregnant. Various signs and symptoms of pregnancy only clue - that need attention but not to be relied upon as something absolute certainty.

Some signs of pregnancy you might find just stating the possibility that you are pregnant, other signs stating the likelihood of pregnancy. There are no early signs of pregnancy is a positive clue. Actually, the first sign that indicates that your pregnancy is positive is your baby's heartbeat, which can be heard on at week 10 or more, often at week-12, using Doppler ultrasound tool that very sensitive, or with a regular stethoscope at week -18 served until 20. Early signs indicate only the possibility that you are expecting a baby. Which when combined with a reliable pregnancy test and examination doctors, only then can a proper diagnosis.

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