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Recurrent Pregnancy History

>> Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Recurrent Pregnancy History
"My first pregnancy is not fun - I think I had every symptom in the book. Will I have it again? "
In general, your first pregnancy is a good sinker for the next pregnancy, everything will be much like that again. So you likely will not pass the pregnancy as comfortable as others. Nevertheless there is still hope that your luck will change for the better. All pregnancies, like all babies, is different, for example, if the morning sickness and cravings rampant on your first pregnancy, they may not appear on the second pregnancy (or of course vice versa). While luck, congenital hereditary, and the fact that you have experienced certain symptoms before, a lot of influence on whether or not the pregnancy
Historycomfort this time, other factors - including some of the factors that are beyond your control to a certain extent can change the prognosis

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