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Pregnancy Your Family History

>> Monday, November 7, 2011

Pregnancy Your Family History
"Recently I learned that my mother and one of her sisters had lost their baby not long after birth. No one knows why, Does this happen to me? "
Once illness or death of infants is often withheld as if losing a baby is a sin or something that shames. But now we realize that the disclosure of a history of previous generations can help the health and welfare of future generations. Despite the deaths of two babies in similar circumstances can be just a coincidence, of course, be advantageous if you contact an expert adviser to genetics or maternal relationship with the fetus for advice. Your doctor can provide expert advice which can be contacted.
Couples who do not have information about possible defects in the derivatives d their families, it might be wise if they want to learn it, perhaps by asking older members family. Because many derivatives that allow abnormalities to be diagnosed before birth, then by equip themselves with such information, will be able to prevent the problem before it arises, or treat it if the problem was already there.
"There are some in our family stories about babies who seem fine after they were born, but then became ill and more ill, they eventually died at the young age of the baby, should I worry?"
Among some of the major causes of infant illness and death in a few days or weeks after birth, is what is known as metabolism congenital errors. Babies born to genetic defects such as this, one enzyme deficiencies or other chemicals, so they are not able to process certain food elements; elements of this meal depends on the enzyme that is not what he had. The irony of this baby's life became chaotic when he began to eat.
Fortunately, most such disorders can be diagnosed before birth, and in many cases, can be treated. If you are lucky if you have information like this much earlier, and make sure that you will perform the necessary action. Discuss this information with your doctor, and if recommended by it, consult with a genetics counselor.

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