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Factors That Can Change the Prognosis

>> Thursday, November 17, 2011

Factors That Can Change the Prognosis Included among these factors are:

Public Health General health condition that both provide greater opportunities for a comfortable pregnancy. Should you suffer chronic conditions (eg allergies, asthma, spinal problems) under controlled conditions and forbid the possibility of infection (eg infection of the urinary system or inflammation of the vagina) before you get pregnant. Once you are pregnant, in addition to maintaining pregnancy,
remains also maintain your own health.

DietWhile not a guarantee, by following the recommended diet or foods that are best for pregnant women, it is helpful to get a comfortable pregnancy. Not only it will help avoid or reduce nausea in the morning and digestive disorders, this diet also helps you resist excessive fatigue, prevent constipation great and piles / hemorrhoids, prevent infection of the urinary sistiem and iron deficiency anemia, and prevent spasms in the legs. (If your pregnancy was not comfortable as well, at least the diet has helped the development of the fetus so that he was born healthy denan).

Increased Weight GainWeight gain and the number of regular
increasing within the recommended weight limits (between 10 and 15 kg) can prevent or reduce the possibility of suffering such as hemorrhoid pregnancy / hemorrhoids, protruding veins / varicose veins, dressing on the skin, back pain, fatigue, impaired indigestion, and shortness of breath.

Exercise FitnessDoing the right exercise fitness and adequate fitness and can help improve your health in general. Particular exercise is very necessary in the second and subsequent pregnancies because the abdominal muscles tend to be weaker, so that you are prone to various aches and pain, especially back pain.LifestyleHow to live a busy and in a hurry as many lived by the women of today, can increase the likelihood even sometimes directly causing one of the symptoms of pregnancy are most uncomfortable, the feeling of nausea in the morning. Also exacerbate other symptoms such as fatigue, back pain, and indigestion. Symptoms may subside in several ways such as: ask for help from others to do various chores, more often take a break and get away from things that can be annoying you (including children, if any), reduced job responsibilities, or may allow work that is not too important not happen for a while.

Other ChildrenSome pregnant women who have several other children at home, often do not pay much attention or feel symptoms of pregnancy that is not bad, either small or large symptom, because it is too busy taking care of other children. But many also feel that with the other children, symptoms of pregnancy increases. For example, nausea in the morning can increase at times of stress (such as preparing the child to go to school or preparing meals in a hurry), fatigue was increased because it seemed there was no time to rest, back pain feel worse at times too much lifting or carrying a child, even a difficult bowel movements seem more common because the bathroom is being used by another child when you need it. The way to overcome this it seems hard to find, but need to look for and try to take more time to take care of yourself. Find someone who can help lighten your load so you have more time for yourself.

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