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Symptoms of Early Pregnancy

>> Friday, December 30, 2011

If you are trying to become pregnant, or think you might like they say "in the family way", there are many ways to know the early symptoms of pregnancy, and it all depends on knowing your body.
Early symptoms of pregnancy can be both physically and emotionally, and mostly occurs in women in early pregnancy, usually within the first few weeks. Usually, pregnancy is characterized by a missed period, but you can already feel three or four weeks when pregnancy occurs. A better method to determine early pregnancy is to listen to your body. More often that not, the symptoms will begin to occur at the beginning a few days after conception, and will more than likely mimic the signs of menstruation. You may begin to feel tired all the time, or even possibly nausea, or you may feel like having to urinate more than usual.
With most women, the early stages of pregnancy is seen by the fact that their breasts may feel swollen, tingling feeling and tenderness, pregnant women may also have a constant headache, or it may bleed a bit, too. The mood is also common and this is why women usually rely on a missed period as an indicator of pregnancy, because these symptoms usually occur every month during the cycle period, which is why they are often overlooked as an early sign of pregnancy. In other cases some women may also feel cravings and morning sickness.
Bleeding occurs as part of an early stage is known as the implementation, or when the fertilized egg into the uterus and attaches to the wall. But this initial bleeding usually stops within a shorter time than normal period, and usually spotty. These patches can be as early as ten days after becoming pregnant, but not all women bleed and not all women pass this period. For that reason, if you have been trying to get pregnant but still having periods, it's a good idea to get tested anyway regardless of disturbing thoughts, just as a precaution.
If you think you might be pregnant, see if you have had these symptoms in the last week. The body often changes in ways that are just subtle enough to pass by a woman who used to symptoms and menstrual cycle, so it is important to increase your awareness of early symptoms of pregnancy by focusing on warning signs. To test for pregnancy at the first signs can ensure that programs are consistent prenatal care dilllakukan for your health and your baby.

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