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Pregnancy Tests at Home

>> Monday, October 17, 2011

pregnancy tests at home
Pregnancy Tests at Home
This test is now more accurate than ever before, and its use is much simpler. Such as urine tests conducted in the laboratory or physician practice, this test to diagnose pregnancy by looking for the hormone hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in urine. Some tests can determine pregnancy as early as the first day you are late period (approximately 14 days after conception), and in just five minutes, using a urine sample that can be taken at any time throughout the day.

If done correctly - and it is increasingly possible because these tests more simple and easy to do and assessed - this home pregnancy test on the now almost as accurate as a urine test do in doctor's office or laboratory (according to its maker, its accuracy has almost reached 100%), and the result was positive more often than negative results. Tests at home has its advantages because it is very personal and can immediately provide results. And because of this test generate an accurate diagnosis during pregnancy is very early - earlier than before you consider going to the doctor, then you have the opportunity to begin to nurture myself as best as possible in a few days after fertilization, ie, just when the pregnancy began implanted in the uterus . However, this test is biased expensive, and since you are usually not too sure of the outcome and cost is likely to want repeat  increase even more. (Some brands include tests on the package second test packaging). Tell your doctor, brands and types of tests that you are using so he can decide whether to re-test.

The biggest disadvantage of this is a home test if the test gives false negative results when in fact you are pregnant, so you may put off a visit to the doctor and took this self-care measures are necessary. And even with the positive results you may postpone any visits to the doctor because they thought that the only reason to see a doctor at the moment is to get the diagnosis of pregnancy only. So, if you use this type of test, keep in mind that this test can not replace medical consultation and examination by a physician. Medical examination after the pregnancy test is essential. If the pregnancy test result is positive, then you need to strengthen the physical exam and then obtain a complete prenatal examination. If the test result is negative and you have not menstruate, you and your doctor must find out why.

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