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Things That You May Be Concerned

>> Friday, October 28, 2011

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Things That You May Be Concerned
Once you get the results of a pregnancy test and no longer worried about the result, you now have new concerns such as: What effect does my age or a husband and baby in pregnancy? Does chronic illness or family problems will affect the offspring? Is a way of life and will take effect? Will my previous pregnancy history be repeated? What can I do to reduce risk?

Your Pregnancy History

"I have not told earlier in my pregnancy my obstetrician, because it happened before I got married, I have to tell it?"
For your doctor, you are a previous pregnancy history is as important as the information that he got every time you come to see her during pregnancy. Pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, surgery or infection you have ever experienced a bias member or members not impact on your current pregnancy, but any information about him you should tell your doctor. Information will be kept confidential. And do not be afraid of what would be considered by your doctor. Merea job is to help mothers and their babies, not to judge

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