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>> Sunday, October 30, 2011

"I've had two abortions, Will this affect my pregnancy this time?"

Probably will not take effect, if it is done in recent years and in the first trimester of pregnancy, abortion or 
abortions performed before 1973, once said could raise the risk of death of the womb in the mid second trimester (because of the destruction that occurred abortion procedure weaken the cervix or uterus), but an improvement techniques paa abortion first trimester of gestation in the first trimester reduces the risk of injury to the cervix..
But some times the abortions performed in the second trimester (weeks 14 to 26), may raise risk of premature birth. If you have had an abortion after the third month, look at ways of reducing the risk of premature birth.
However better inform your doctor about the abortion that you have ever experienced. The more he knows your history of pregnancy, the better he can maintain your wellbeing.

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