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Do a blood test to determine pregnancy

>> Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Pregnancy tests are more sophisticated with the use of serum or blood can recognize pregnancy with a degree of accuracy to 100%, and as early as one week after conception (originally there was no fault of the lab). This test can also measure gestation with the large number of hCG in the blood, because the amount of hCG varies according to the development of pregnancy. Sometimes the doctor's request for a urine test and blood tests to gain confidence as well as diagnosis.

Whatever test you use, the possibility of the truth of the diagnosis will be enlarged when the test is continued with a medical examination. Physical signs of pregnancy, such as enlargement and softening of the uterus and cervix surface changes, may be seen by your doctor or midwife in the sixth week of pregnancy. However, as pregnancy tests, the diagnosis the doctor will "definitely pregnant" more often right than the diagnosis of "negative-not pregnant", although false negative results are very rare. False negative results are usually more likely to occur in early pregnancy, which the body does not produce enough hCG to make a positive test result.If you are experiencing symptoms of early pregnancy (missed on one there are two periods, breast enlargement and pain if pressed, rice day nausea, frequent urination, fatigue) and felt, either by testing or not, that you do understand, then act as if you are pregnant and prenatal took this action as needed, until you get the confidence that you are not pregnant. No medical examination or test is perfect. You know your own body, at least the outside, much better than your doctor. Ask for a repeat test (blood test is better) and check back in about a week later; might be the last test was too early to get a proper diagnosis. Quite a lot of babies born seven and a half or eight months after a pregnancy test and / or conclusions doctor said that his mother was pregnant!

If the test continues to express a negative result but you still did not menstruate, make sure that your doctor has considered the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy, ie pregnancy outside the uterus.Of course it might happen that you have all the signs and symptoms of early pregnancy but was not pregnant. There is no sign that individually or combined can be a positive proof of pregnancy. After a pregnancy test and a second physical examination to determine that you are not pregnant, you need to consider that "pregnancy" has a psychological root, may be you really want or really do not want to have a baby. When this happens, professional counseling may be needed. Or maybe all of these symptoms have a cause biolois that should be examined further by your doctor.

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